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In Shaa’a Allah, the first day of An-Noor Islamic School will be on September 18, 2022. Please read the following information and accept these terms:


For ALL students, this online registration form should be filled and payment of at least $150 should be made before school starts.

For NEW students, in the level field, please enter Pre-L1 for 4 years old students and L1 for 5 years old. All other can leave this field empty as final placement is depended on assessment done before school starts (Saturday and Sunday Sep 10th and 11th).

We offer 3 classes (Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies) of about 40 minutes each every Sunday for all levels. School day also includes assembly with the Imam, lunch time, zuhr prayer in jamaat and sports/fun activities (outdoors whenever possible). School Runs on Sundays 10AM till 1:45PM and will run, in shaa’a Allah, until mid-June. 

The cost to attend for the whole school year will be: $400 or first student and $375 for additional students from the same family. This fee includes all needed books and lunch. Balance should be paid in full by 4/1/2023. Payments can be made using PayPal from the family portal or via check/cash in school office to complete the registration.

All rules, regulations and By-laws of the An-Noor Islamic School should be followed.

All students, parents and staff should adhere to Islamic dress code including no above the knee shorts or sleeveless tops for boys, short dresses, short sleeve or sleeveless tops or uncovered hair for females 10yrs and older among other criteria.

We should all adhere to Islamic code of ethics and treat each other with kindness and respect. Foul language, bullying and all other un-acceptable behaviors will not be tolerated.

Pictures and videos of students might be taken during school time and during school events and might be used in school activities and events.

An-Noor Islamic school and ISNF assume no responsibility for any type of personal information breach or loss of privacy. We will do our best to protect the safety and privacy of our students, parents and teachers on-line.

If you have any questions now or through the school year, please do not hesitate to email the board at