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-The new school year will begin on September 26th, 2021 (Insha Allah) and continue till Mid-June 2022.

- Classes will be in-person but due to COVID-19 pandemic all those who are present in the premises are required to wear a mask. 

· For ALL students (ages 4-12years),  online registration form should be filled and payment of at least $100 should be made before school starts. 

· For returning students who were part of school last year, their class assignment is automatically updated to the next level.

· For all other students who didn’t join last year, final class level will be determined based on placement test.        

- Placement testing will be conducted on Sept 18th and 19th from 10AM to 12PM. 

- School runs on Sundays from 10AM-1:45PM.

· The cost/year will be as in 2019: $375 for the first student and $350 for additional students from the same family.  Payments can be made using PayPal from the family portal or via check (made to: ISNF-Sunday School) to complete the registration.

- We offer 3 classes (Islamic Studies, Quran memoriztion and Quranic Arabic) to students in 8 levels from PL1 (4-5 years old) till L7-Youth (11-12 years old).

- An-Noor Islamic school and ISNF assume no responsibility for any type of personal information breach or loss of privacy. We will do our best to protect the safety and privacy of our students, parents and teachers in-person and on-line.